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Top 5 Marketing Planning Tips for 2018

Planning your marketing for the year ahead can seem like an endless uphill struggle, but thankfully we’ve compiled these handy tips to help you take your own plans to the next level in the year ahead. Whatever areas of the marketing mix your current strategy could do with overhauling, these five top tips will see you well on your way to increased marketing success in 2018 and beyond…

1. Enhance your own knowledge
We all want to feel like experts, but there’s a great strength to accepting what you don’t know and working to fill these gaps in knowledge. The marketing world moves at such a galloping pace that sometimes it feels as though we’re fighting a losing battle, but a proactive, information-led approach will help to lessen this feeling and see you well on your way to continued growth. Whether you are branching out and speaking to your clients directly to gauge how they feel, or giving your own marketing know-how a boost, 2018 is the year to charge ahead.

2. Boost your content marketing
You’ve probably heard the saying: content is king. This trend continues into 2018, so go ahead and give your content marketing a big push this year. By adding a blogging dimension to your company, making a few e-books, guides and conducting webinars (amongst other content-led activities) you’ll be helping to position your company at the top of mind for customers when it comes time to make a purchase. Ensure you are creating content with a purpose, however – content marketing only works if it’s led by research and insight into customers.

3. Boost your recruitment
It’s getting harder and harder to recruit and retain talented professionals across all industries, so be sure to give your brand’s recruitment marketing a little TLC in 2018 to make it more appealing to potential hires. Emphasise all that is great about the company, and put these wheels in motion to ensure you benefit from a great company culture and a boosted reputation in the marketplace.

4. Be careful with your money
Marketers need to be careful with their marketing budgets, and there’s an increased desire to ensure verifiable results at every stage. Online marketing is a great way to market whilst still seeing a definite ROI in 2018.

5. Keep it measurable and adjust as necessary
Measure your success over the coming year, and if it isn’t as you’d hoped, don’t be scared to adjust your approach. Great marketing is all about learning how to juggle and adapt – so get out there and start boosting your marketing for the year ahead!

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