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The Rewards of Lecturing in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is changing rapidly. It seems that almost every week there is a new focus or a new tool that marketers should be using. Education is the best way to keep on top of such a fast paced industry and many marketers start out by taking a degree in the subject. For some the education process continues in work but not at the same levels as it would if you decide to teach the next generation of marketers. Deciding to lecture in digital marketing will not only help you stay on top of changes in the industry, it will also benefit you in several surprising ways.

Industry Trends

Teaching students about digital marketing means you are even more focused on industry trends and developments. In an agency or even in-house role you will monitor what is changing but when lecturing you carefully examine the way the industry is moving. This can provide better insight when working in the field but it also helps generate fresh ideas. The fast pace of digital innovation means that this is actually really important and will make you a better marketer. As a lecturer you are also expected to research the topic you teach which means not only will you stay on top of industry trends you could actually get to a point where you are accurately predicting them. This again shows how by teaching the subject your own knowledge will naturally increase.

Emotionally Rewarding

Being a university lecturer is an incredible rewarding role. Passing knowledge on and seeing how students interpret it is a truly thrilling experience. You will also see these students become deeply passionate about the subject and with this your pupils will increase their grades which always feels amazing. The smartest students may change your outlook on certain topics too. Less able pupils will inspire you with their work ethic and sheer commitment. It is a truly emotionally rewarding environment to work in.


Hearing from a pupil about how you have inspired them and created a passion for digital is awesome to hear. Not to mention seeing what they go on to achieve having started on their career path with your assistance. This kind of feedback is a great motivator to work even harder, study more, research more and teach more.

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