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How To Create A Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is the key to getting out of difficult situations and doing great things.   Setting goals based on your awareness of resources, determining the actions you need to achieve your goals, and then implementing them in a way that the goal is reached in the most optimal way. And crucially, believing in those goals so that you can motivate others to follow you.

Look at any great leader or great business, and they’re probably a master organiser. They plan ahead clearly, not just for one day, but for several years—based on a clear sense of what the obstacles are aims are.

Set a target and you’re far more likely to stick to it. Set a high goal – you’ll go further. Set a goal boldly and publicly, you’re far more likely to follow through.  Once you’ve decided your strategy ahead, in the heat of the moment you know what to do – you won’t make snap decisions.

Most of the time, we ‘sort of’ know what we need to do. We make lists of what we need to do, but end up never actually doing half of it. Being bugged by a constant to-do list is one of the commonest causes of stress at work.

You need strategy to help you plan, that’s where we can help. Our new concept of using a marketing notebook ‘Always Have a Plan’, was created to help businesses implement a perfect marketing plan, using a six-step model to help them understand their market, customer user journey, define objectives and achieve your goals.

The six steps of “Always Have a Plan”

Situation Analysis – Where are we now? SWOT Analysis

Objectives – Where do we want to be? Objectives

Strategy – Wow do we get there? Segmentation and Target

Tactics – How exactly do we get there? Marketing Mix

Action – What is our plan? Who does what and when (Process)

Control – Did we get there? Conversion / Leads / Brand awareness.

As Churchill said “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.”

If you need any more help learning about Strategy, or any other element of markerting, get in touch with our team online!