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Red Idea Helps Sara Davison Launch 10-Step Video Coaching Plan

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new 10-step video coaching plan from renowned divorce coach Sara Davison. We have worked extensively with Sara on her high-tech new tool that helps divorcing couples better deal with their break up. The 10-step video coaching plan takes an informative, engaging and practical approach to the process of divorce or separation and all that it entails.

We have helped Sara to develop the ground breaking software as well as making the video series accessible to those who need it. We worked to integrate the platform on to her website so that customers can view it with ease. We’re very proud of the work we have done on this project – as it makes navigation around the website much smoother and easier.

Sara has poured all of her expertise in the subject into the 10-part series, with all videos accessible on demand from a mobile, tablet or desktop device. Offering a unique twist on the coaching and support process which is usually restricted to pre-booked sessions, the videos help viewers wanting to survive and thrive after their divorce, separation or break-up.

The coaching plan is intended to help those experiencing the maelstrom of emotions that accompany a breakup. Common sensations, which the videos help viewers address, include:

  • The feeling that the break-up is controlling day-to-day life
  • Being overwhelmed with negative emotions
  • Struggling to let go of the relationship and move forward

 The videos themselves are packed with simple techniques and strategies that can be implemented immediately, giving both men and women a deeper understanding of why they feel how they do, and how they can take back control in the midst of the many stresses, pains and moments of confusion that a break-up or separation brings with it.

The 10-step video plan is accompanied by a workbook and action plan, so each viewer can tailor their coaching to their own individual circumstances. There’s also a private Facebook group to accompany the videos, providing additional support and an outlet for questions and discussions throughout the visual, 10-step process.

Video access is £97 including VAT for a limited time. You can see our work and purchase the plan here!