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The Power Of Businesswomen – Papo de Mulher 2018

 Papo de Mulher conference
I was delighted to speak at the last month’s Papo de Mulher 2018. It’s an annual “Women in Business” conference in London that brings together Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking businesswomen in the city. It was a massive event with a positive buzzing atmosphere, organised by Adriana De Paula a businesswoman and Marina Duarte the owner of Brazil Na Mao Magazine
I spoke about the three key strands of my marketing philosophy: Visualization, Attitude and Planning.  As well as sharing some useful tips and trends, and talking about my notebook planning strategy “always have a plan”.
Women are strong collaborators and good communicators— so we were a pretty dynamic bunch. This was indeed true of my two other guest speakers. Firstly, Kareemi, a digital entrepreneur and YouTuber who spoke passionately about self-confidence and self-esteem. She lost her arm in an accident six years ago, so had to find new ways to grow her career and overcome challenges. Then Magda Lizbir Gomes, Holistic Therapist, talked about change and the power of a positive mental attitude – something you can work at; it’s not always a given.
The event had an award towards the end to celebrate a woman in business who has triumphed despite all the adversity. The winner was Cyanne Krion a true inspiration.
As Maya Angelou said, “Nothing will work unless you do.” She’s right; sometimes you do just need to make it happen. I came out of the day thinking what a fun event it had been. I was invigorated with new ideas and contacts.
Here’s to collaboration—and to my fellow women. If you need help with marketing planning or collaboration get in touch.