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Oxitonas Women’s Conference

I was delighted to attend the Oxitonas Conference recently, and am pleased to report that it was one of the most interesting conferences I have yet to attend. Taking place in Vevey, Switzerland, the conference brings together women from the world of business, and on 8th June I was joined by around 250 other ambitious women who were interested in finding out how to live more fulfilled lives. Some of the key learnings from the event included…

Discovering How To Motivate Myself and Others

This is a key skill in business, but one which is all too often overlooked. The conference helped us to identify how to stay motivated through the tough times, and how to motivate co-workers and employees. It also encouraged us to identify our dreams so we can better pursue them, rather than simply drifting along as so many of us unfortunately do. I like to think I’m already quite good at staying motivated, but it never hurts to have a quick refresher!

Networking Opportunities

Being in a room with so many talented people naturally meant it was a great event for networking. I love to network, so gaining this increased visibility was also a massive benefit of attending. Meeting other entrepreneurs is fantastic for learning new skills and bouncing ideas off people with similar attitudes to the world of business and being in such great company proved to be one of the most exciting parts of joining the conference.

Fantastic Guest Speakers

I felt privileged to be able to enjoy hearing from some very talented women such as Geisa Mourau, who is a key coach and idealiser on the Oxytocina’s platform, and Marilla Lobao, an adult psychotherapist and legal psychologist of some note. I even had the chance to meet up with one of my clients, Os Estampados UK.

Inspiration and Empowerment

Having the courage to make your dreams a reality is sometimes a team effort – and this conference helped push all of us forward to get to work! Whether formulating plans or simply chatting about what we want to achieve, it was amazing to be in such vibrant and talented company.
I really enjoy having the chance to take part in these events, because they are the perfect way to stay on track and even pick up some new ideas and new dreams to dream. I would wholeheartedly recommend that others check out more information about the conference and are sure to attend if they’re able!