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Keeping Your Facebook Fans Happy

Almost all businesses now have a Facebook page but many struggle to understand what they should share and why. Sharing things on Facebook shouldn’t take up a lot of you time but it has to be relevant to your business and something that will entertain your followers. By doing this you will encourage more engagement with your brand, drive more traffic to your site and build your reputation. These are some of our favourite things that all businesses should try sharing on their social pages.


Chances are you will be producing blogs on a regular basis for your site, simply share a link to these with a couple of sentences that will encourage readers to click through.

2. Projects 

Anything your company is working on can be shared, people love to see examples of work undertaken and get an exclusive behind the scenes look. It is also worth sharing projects when they are complete to show what your company is capable of.

3. Feedback

Reviews and feedback on your products or services both act as a powerful endorsement of your company. This can help to encourage more fans to become customers. You can link this back to your reviews section on your website in order to encourage clickthroughs.

4. Problem Solving

Your customers will all experience problems that they need solutions too. If you can highlight these concerns and solve them with your product or service it will encourage more customers.

5. Seasonal 

Think about events coming up or public holidays and try to tailor posts around this. Images are the easiest way to do this for instance at Christmas share a festive image that says Merry Christmas.


Share news stories and articles, infographics and blog content that are directly related to the industry or sector that you work in. It may seem a bit redundant to share other people’s content but content curation is a key part of any forward thinking social media strategy. It can help build relationships, show you as a source of expert opinion and may even win extra followers from the original poster.


Think about what events you and your customers are excited about. Suggest products/services to prepare and other things that will build excitement among your followers.

8. Appreciation

You need to show your supporters that they are valued and appreciated by thanking them. When you hit milestones like anniversaries or landmark number of followers give them a shout out, run competitions and giveaways. You can partner with other brands to do this or offer your own products as prizeas.


Providing knowledge and insights that you find useful may also be of use to your followers. Sharing this kind of content can be really appreciated because it helps develop skills.

10. Inspiration

Memes and inspirational quotes go down really well on Facebook. Sharing these are an easy way to put out content without a lot of preparation, you will find loads online but you can easily make your own too on sites like Canva.

One important caveat to keep in mind as you work through these tips is that social media is not a sales channel. Many brands make the mistake of pushing sales messages constantly. That’s an instant way to undo your good work following the tips above.

Will you be using any of these ideas to keep your Facebook fans happy? Let us know which content you find most successful in the comments and on our social media pages.