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Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr…three key visual social media platforms in use today were analysed and discussed at Red Idea’s Visual Social Media Workshop held on 7th June 2014 at the Southwark Arts Forum. Tania Jackson, Red Idea’s Digital Marketing Agency Director, chaired a two hour workshop on the merits and importance of these visual media platforms to a diverse group including students, artists and professionals from the creative industries.


Tania explained in depth how to fully manipulate these key visual online platforms and by doing so what opportunities these platforms provide to promote and market activities and businesses.


First, Tania lead a session focused on Instagram. After running through an introductory presentation on what Instagram is, and its main features, Tania then highlighted why this is a key platform now, and she believes, will continue to be in the future.  Her findings, informed by statistical analysis of the performance of the platform to date, and forecasted growth potential, underlined why Instagram is a key consideration in developing a successful digital marketing strategy. She outlined how Red Idea’s research revealed that there was clear real life evidence of its potential to help market ideas and businesses.


The workshop continued with a focus on both Pinterest and Flickr. Once again Red Idea’s research revealed that both these platforms offer great opportunities for marketing. By using these platforms creatively and making them work for you, Tania concluded that they should also be fully considered and potentially form a key component of any digital marketing strategy.


The workshop engendered a full and worthwhile discussion with useful contributions from all participants, and the feedback Tania received underlined how useful the session was to all.


To find out more about visual social media marketing or to have a consultation with the Director Tania Jackson visit the training section of our website: http://www.redidea.co.uk/training/