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How We Helped Omega Surgical Instruments Shine Leading Industry Conference

Regardless of which industry you operate in, trade shows are a fantastic opportunity to showcase your products or services and to reach a wide, relevant audience. This year we were pleased to help our client, Omega Surgical Instruments Ltd, ensure that its visit to the annual Theatres, Sterile Services and Decontamination conference, held by NPAG (National Performance Advisory Group), was a success.

Omega Surgical Instruments Ltd is a global leader in supplying the best precision surgical solutions to the healthcare sector. Alongside its selection of stainless steel instruments, it utilises unique RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to offer an innovative tracking system to provide institutions with a significant return-on-investment on instrument management and spend – something which is more integral to the NHS now than ever.

It is this technology that it wanted to showcase at this leading industry conference.

How We Did It

Micro plan

While trade shows and other corporate events are an enjoyable, social event on every attendee’s calendar, it is important to approach each show with a clear strategy in place. By creating a plan, we helped Omega to understand why they were attending this event. This insight was then used to inform the methods used in the run up and during the event.

Before the show

Newsletter promotion

Newsletters are a fantastic way to personally ‘invite’ subscribers to see you at each show you attend. Even if not all of those on your list will be attending the show, including it within newsletter content helps to place you as a thought leader in your area, so is a strategic and effective move.

LinkedIn and Content marketing

For similar reasons, it is important to incorporate your trade show schedule into your content marketing plans. Creating and publishing content relating to the subject of the conference you are attending is a fantastic way to encourage interest, to place your company as an authoritative voice in the area and to produce articles that are meaningful to your audience. We guided Omega throughout this process, ensuring they were posting the right content at the right times in the run up to the show.

During the show

Pop up stand design

The pop up stand is a very important tool for exhibitors at a trade show. In order to be effective, it must portray the right message in a short space of time, catching attention and encouraging visitors to approach you at your booth. Our expert team designed Omega’s pop up stand to ensure it did just that.

PowerPoint design

The icing on the cake.

Beyond the initial pop up stand, a presentation enables you to share further information about your company, product or service. While portraying this, it must also remain on brand while engaging the audience. We helped Omega create a PowerPoint template to help them communicate the benefits of its innovative technology, using our expertise to ensure it was successful.

Do you have an important trade show coming up and need assistance to ensure it meets your professional goals? Get in touch with a member of our team today.