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How To Use Instagram Stories For Business

Instagram has become an integral part of many brand’s marketing strategies, directly interacting with target audiences in an engaging way. While the business benefits of using Instagram could never be argued, in 2016 its advantages were boosted even further when the social media platform launched a Snapchat style ‘stories’ feature. According to Tech Crunch, in January 2017 the stories tool hit 150m daily users, highlighting how quickly this has become adopted by the public. But how can businesses use it too?

Showcase your product

Potential customers love to learn more about how your product works and why it can help them before they take the plunge and make a purchase – this is why reviews are a great way to nurture leads and drive sales. The Instagram stories feature improve on this, allowing you to show customers your product up-close and personal, in an approachable way. If you have any common queries or concerns, you could use these stories to address each one, putting your client’s mind at ease while also showcasing your product to a much wider audience.

Go behind the scenes

Nowadays, a successful brand is an approachable brand and if the true personality of your company is out of bounds then your popularity will certainly diminish. Instagram stories are a fantastic way to offer a ‘day in the life’ snapshot of the daily running of your business, offering a sneaky peek of new stock you have in, sharing a funny moment in the office or simply inviting the viewer in to the inner core of your company. With these ‘unfiltered’ moments, your company instantly becomes a relatable personality that your customer can form an emotional bond with.

Create ‘teasers’ for your other online content

Instagram stories are fast-paced by their very nature, but while they are not appropriate for hosting certain forms of content, they are a great tool for ensuring your viewers make the most of your articles, videos and more. Post the key takeaways of your helpful article or tutorial video on the story using only a few slides, with a link at the end to encourage your viewers to find out more.

These are just three of the key ways that businesses can utilise Instagram stories as part of a fully rounded social media strategy. To find out more, speak to a member of our team today.