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How To Use Facebook Live For Business

In the world of social media, there is a huge trend towards live content versus pre-planned, curated images, videos and text. As well as boosting engagement and widening your circle of influence, using live video is quick, simple but wholly effective, making it a key part of every businesses social media strategy.

There are many different ways you can use it to benefit your business. Here are just a few:


Give an insight into your business

In a similar way to how Facebook Stories can be used to offer a personal look into the day to day running of your business, so can Facebook Live! Instead of being limited to 20 seconds you can share that family fun day you have organised, give your audience a tour of your new office or broadcast an element of your business that would interest or benefit your customers.

Publicise special announcements

Every company will have special announcements to make at some point. Why not publish them live? With this feature, it will make your audience feel truly connected with your brand and part of its history, as it happens.

Offer a ‘first hand’ look into a new product or service

New products are as exciting for your company as they are for your customer. Sharing that excitement with your audience can drive engagement and help to build a loyal fan base. Publicise the fact that you will be broadcasting your new product, then reap the business benefits as you have hundreds of viewers watching you take your new prototype for a spin!

Respond to queries

Facebook Live can add a whole new dimension to your FAQ section! Rather than responding to each query one by one, why not host a regular FAQ broadcasts, addressing the main questions you have been sent that week or month. By doing it live, you can invite your viewers to interact with you, asking for further clarification on the point they don’t understand. This will help to drive authenticity and build trust with your customer base.

Engage with your audience

Ultimately, Facebook Live offers an opportunity like no other for businesses to engage with their audience. With the element of interaction and the authenticity of the live video aspect, it helps to break down any corporate barriers, making you seem approachable – something that is integral to brands in the modern marketing world.

If you want further advice about using Facebook Live, or any other part of this social media platform to benefit your business, get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team.