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Digital Is Everyone’s Domain

The digital revolution has gripped and had an impact on almost every industry with almost all now understanding the importance of a digital strategy. This has filtered down to company level and most businesses will invest resources in digital – some will find it has even transformed the businesses structure and method of marketing. However, too many businesses rely on a single department to deliver their strategy – the most effective firms understand that cross-departmental collaboration is key to achieving digital aims and standing out in a world where digital is everyone’s domain. Encourage every employee to think about how their work can influence the digital progression of the company.

Digital teams have to spread throughout the business operation because so many corporations are reliant on digital technology. This will transform the organisation entirely and can help change public perception.

A great digital strategy will bring all the different teams in the company together and will unite the team behind a single goal. It cannot just be a case of operating in a silo or closed project group – a digital strategy must tie in to your overall brand, identity and operations. It should overarch each aspect of the business rather than be concentrated in just one or two employees and activities. Failing to work in this way will stop your business from capitalising on all the advantages digital brings.

Digital is not just about presenting your company; you have to remember that it provides key insights into your customers also. The data provided by digital solutions can help the business make decisive decisions to better serve customer needs, increase profits, market share and brand recall.

For all these reasons the view of the digital team is slowly changing, no longer is it a separate entity to be called upon when needed. Now digital practioners are a key strategic partner for the entirety of the business. As the digital world develops more, businesses will become even more focused on integrating digital into every aspect of operations. Strategies will also move more into the long term because they will be tied to an expansive vision of the business.

However, the onus to change the status quo is not just on business owners and senior execs, digital teams must prove their worth. They need to show why their decision making and ideas will positively impact the business, in doing this they will prove the need to be linked to every aspect of the business. Only brands that value this level of collaboration will be able to implement changes that ensure they remain competitive in the future.

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