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Body Logic, which are a health and well being focused company asked Red Idea to improve their online presence and branding. The company describes itself as ‘the movement specialists’. At Red Idea we undertook a comprehensive analysis of their online offering.

Fitst, we sought to understand the company in more detail, what services they offer, the history of the company and their aspirations for growth and who their target audience is.

We advised Body Logic to reconfigure their website, making it simpler, more customer focused and eye capturing to retain interest in their services in an extremely competitive market.

We updated their website, using bold and striking colours, making it more user friendly and with clear paths to highlight the different options open to the viewer. This included segmenting the services they offer, from physiotherapy to personal trainers.

Red Idea also recommended an expansion of the site to set out more clearly what the company’s ethos is through a blog, ensure that their merchandise designs maximised the Body Logic brand while expanding their online offer through the addition of an online shop,  offering a variety of new products including, for example, gift vouchers.

All in all, Red Idea undertook a root and branch review of Body Logic’s brand, redeveloping it to be more customer focused, redesigning their website to attract and keep customer interest while expanding their product lines to widen the appeal of the services they offer.