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5 Marketing Trends for 2018

The world of marketing has undergone significant changes in the last 10-20 years, with the widespread roll-out of new technology helping to alter the marketing landscape forever. Yet as we look into the year ahead, what do we have to look forward to and what are the top 5 new marketing trends set to sweep away the competition?

1. Integrated Content Marketing
Content marketing has been making waves for the last few years, shifting the marketing paradigm from purely data-driven and forcing companies to become more innovative with their approach to content including video, audio and the written word. Content marketing is already very popular, but this year sees that popularity take on a whole new level in the very best marketing strategies. Using content marketing as an integrated part of the customer engagement strategy enables marketing to be woven into the customer lifecycle, building real appeal at every stage. Research shows this is the way things are headed in 2018 and beyond.

2. Search Marketing & Content Marketing
The top digital sales channels all have one thing in common; a dominance of search marketing. Social media falls behind, despite remaining very popular with customers, so while companies need to be aware that yes, social marketing might lead to ‘popularity’, they still need to be pushing for sales when using these platforms. While great for engagement, social can also provide a boost to revenue. Thankfully, so does search. However, search marketing hasn’t been particularly innovative in recent years, and marketers must remain aware of the new techniques which make search marketing and content marketing more intertwined than ever before. Social media also has it’s role to play, as content becomes ever more ‘active’, with the use of video, animation and social influencers playing a bigger and bigger factor in marketing plans.

3. Increased Personalisation of the User Journey
We are all familiar with the important of the customer journey, but 2018 sees this process inundated with greater customisation thanks to increased analytics. User experience is a complex but vitally important field for modern markets, and new technology is making the optimisation, segmentation and personalisation of websites easier than ever before.

4. Integration of Marketing into Customer Lifecycle
Mapping the journey undertaken by different personas is all the more important in the new year ahead, giving us a chance to use these vital touchpoints to ensure our communication remains relevant to the target audience of each piece of messaging and each individual product or service.

5. Marketing Technology Integration
Marketing technology is big business in 2018, and is an area that has seen significant growth in recent years with increased automation designed to make the marketer’s job more precise. This trend looks set to continue in the year ahead, with AI, VR, AR and automation continuing to roll out at an even greater pace.

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