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2019 Marketing Predictions- The Drum Magazine conference

On Wednesday 23rd January 2019, we at Red Idea, attended The Drum Magazine’s Predictions 2019 event in London at Ogilvy UK to discover the predictions from experts in the industry what marketing trends there will be more of in this new year.

Panellists included Ben McInerney from Wavemaker UK, Michael Frohlich, and other industry experts.

One of the main predictions discussed in this conference was an increase in Voice Search. Sony and Lenovo are due to launch new products with voice control this year. Furthermore, there are 10 new companies developing cars with voice control. Google and Amazon are continuing to develop more on this feature through Alexa and Google Home.

Chat bots were also mentioned. This approach is to improve instant messaging between businesses and customers. With the popularity of instant messaging in various forms, incorporating this into your business is one worth considering. Linking with this is Automated Services, which is also expected to increase this year.

Another prediction made at The Drum Conference is that Artificial Intelligence will play an increasingly large part in customer engagement.

This year, at Red Idea, we will be considering implementing more of these marketing strategies into our strategy and advising them to our clients, as the demand increases in this digital revolution.

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