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Red Idea in the media?

Follow the leaders tweet
Tuesday 26th October 2010

Real leaders tweet – not GQ’s words, but the title of a recent study that found 15 per cent of the world’s leaders inform the populace by clicking “update status”. You really know something is up when Hugo Chávez joins Twitter, declaring it a “weapon that needs to be used by the revolution”. Yet …

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Travel firm opts for social media over email marketing
Monday 27th September 2010

Social media could be about to take centre stage in the travel industry, if one firm’s decision to embrace the platform over email is anything to go by.
According to Travel Weekly, Holiday Brokers is set to ditch email marketing in favour of utilising social media sources such as Facebook and …

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Leeds development restarts after recession
Thursday 22nd July 2010

A multi-million pound shopping development, which will include new restaurants, has got underway again after it stalled during the economic downturn.
Land Securities, which is running the Trinity Leeds shopping development, confirmed that work at the city-centre site will get started again after …

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Tone of voice key in social media marketing campaigns
Thursday 01st July 2010

Successful social media marketing requires the right tone of voice, an expert has said.

According to Tania Jackson, managing director at Red Idea, brands must convey a message that is not only educational but also entertaining.

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Social media tone 'crucial for marketers'
Thursday 01st July 2010

The tone of voice adopted by companies using social media helps determine how successful their marketing is through this channel, one expert has claimed.

Tania Jackson, managing director at Red Idea, said that small businesses must portray themselves as being specialists in their field if they …

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Social media tips for small businesses
Thursday 01st July 2010

Small businesses looking to take advantage of social media have been given some valuable advice by an online marketing expert.

Research by payment provider Sage Pay has found that customers visiting an online store through a social media site are ten times more likely to buy something than other …

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